All I want is nothing more

Wishlist of mine. Handpicked items and brands that may hit your heart too.

I decided to put together all things that I find pretty amazing. We are not together yet — but once I’ll welcome them in my wonderful life of semi professional consumerista.

The label is a collection of elevated essentials and vintage inspired graphics that embody the California-cool lifestyle. In terms of rational part of me, I don’t need any new t-shirts. In terms of a girl, I need all these fetching little garments.
To ride a skateboard, to take Polaroids under the palm trees, and to be a beach blond girlfriend of Dogtown Lord’s — yeah, fine by me!

I like all items that are featured on site — from bags to snickers — but authentic cowboy boots are my true love for now and soulmates of mine. In this boots I’m going to take mmmmm… the Coachella! They’ve made out of old kilim rugs and leather. Guys are hunting and collecting the most beautiful textiles in the most interesting places around the world and put into their work inspiration and endless stories to tell.
Hope once to put these babies on and plunge into fun — because it’s not just a boots, it’s a life style: a road trip in old rubbed jeans, cozy evening around bonfire and hippie vibes of peace and love.

I have tight longterm relationships with trips and what I take into flight really matters. These suitcases seem perfect choice to be my travel buddy, but leaves me in the hellish limbo between what color to choose.

We don’t make “smart” luggage, we make thoughtful luggage — featuring unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and built-in USB chargers — using the best materials in the world. The result is luggage that is beautifully, functionally minimal. — and I’m really into the philosophy of the brand, that suitcase is our home between homes so should be flawless to make time away well spent.


Pardon my French but I want all these items: teeny tiny bottles, petit sprays, and baby jars. I (j)adore them all. From the minimalistic design that would enormously benefit my bathroom to fantastic fragrances (jasmine and neroli, you’ve stolen my heart!). French Girl is a line of luxury organic, vegan skin and body care products, inspired by France and made in the U.S.A. — official site says and it sounds weird as “Russian pasta” but here I’m — in love with this girly toys, because we don’t buy brands — we buy lifestyle and this one is very me: Rose du Jardin on face and Rose D’Anjou in a glass!

Our secret affair with turmeric started on Bali where this yellow juice healed in two days only! my bike-accident wound. From this moment I swear I believe not in magic but in Saint turmeric that in the capacity of spice can drastically change your well-being for better. And not least thing that turmeric juice is specific but kinda tasty (at least for me). So once I’ve seen this healing drinks I was ready to open my heart and a wallet, but they are London based company and one thing I can have for now is a bright sunny herbal Instagram of Jamu Kitchen.
So if you’re in England — pass me a bottle!

I was totally starstruck by pics of this veg cafe in Venice, LA (they also have one in NYC). In this kingdom of healthy food, green juices, and sunny flickers I want to be a sexy princess with a sexy glass of the sexiest wine ever.

…In the t-shirt, in the boots, with the suitcase (of course, I’m right after the plane), with a turmeric tonic in da linen bag and the enchanting trace of the neroli odor.

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